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Thank you, thank you, thank you!  Sara, your patience and guidance were invaluable in helping us navigate through this journey.  Nancy, we appreciate you keeping tabs on the situation from beginning to end.

- Ed and Christina

Personal Attention

We deeply care about our clients needs, and our respected relationships. With these testimonials, you can rest assured that our services are right for you.

I would like to give you my heartfelt thanks for getting me through a difficult time with my franchise company. I felt that I was between a rock and a hard place, with my franchisor demanding that I open a second location while my first one was still losing money.

The threats, the pressure, and the arm-twisting came to a sudden end as soon as I mentioned that you were representing me. I’m not terribly surprised by this change of heart on their part since your reputation as a franchise attorney is excellent. I first presented my difficulties to my father,  since he is also an attorney.

His immediate response was that I needed representation by someone with extensive experience with franchises. Although he knows many lawyers, he felt that you could best help me. The advice you gave me, as well as the inconsistencies you found in my franchise contracts, gave me a clear plan of action.

Everything was settled, and I feel about 1000 pounds lighter. Please feel free to use me as a reference at any time. And special thanks for all of the much needed and appreciated hand-holding.

- Candice C.

As a lawyer myself, I know the importance of hiring someone who is an expert in her field to handle a legal matter.  When I began contemplating buying a small franchise in the Philadelphia area, I was pointed in Nancy's direction for her expertise in business and franchise law.  She has been a delight to work with - and that's not something people usually say about their lawyers.  Nancy is competent, compassionate and efficient.  She knows her business and inspires confidence every step along the way.  Whatever your business law needs, you will be in good hands with Nancy Lanard and her associates.

- Jenny L.

I can never begin to express how much you helped Rich and me as we went through negotiations with [the Landlord] to secure our lease space here in Houston. As new franchisees and novices in securing lease space, it was a great comfort to have you as our attorney. It was so reassuring to see your command of the law and how diligent you were in protecting us during the negotiation process. Yes, your legal expertise was much needed! But, your patience with us and your tenacity with [the Landlord] made the process so much more pleasant. We are so grateful to have you as our attorney and we would recommend anyone in need of legal expertise to use you!

Sharron and Richard Q.

Once again thank you for all your efforts and assistance on my legal matter. You were extremely helpful, professional and a real people person.

I truly found a friend, trustworthy attorney with real knowledge and experience, to get me thru a difficult legal issue. Nancy Lanard is the real deal! 

- A.B.

I would first like to start by saying you and your firm are absolutely incredible!

When my wife and I decided to purchase a franchise business we sought to find the best attorney for the job. Without question we found you and your firm. It started by the immense and detailed amount of information you gave to everyone on your website, to the promptness of your responses whether it was by phone or by email, to your confidence and sheer determination to get things changed in the agreements.

I am truly impressed with your thoroughness, attention to detail, and your sincere desire to protect your client. Your experience with these matters helped us make a wise decision and now that we have chosen the right Franchise to purchase, we completely understand how important it is to have the absolute best attorney in the business.

This is a very exciting yet concerned part of our lives and you truly relieved a lot of the pressure and made it a pleasure.

- Jeff and Chris Montemurro
Montemurro Enterprises, LLC

This lady is worth every penny!

- Gary Stevens

She handles issues expeditiously and with fine attention to detail. She has been involved with everything from our building leases, non- disclosure agreements, company disclaimers and personnel documents. I am pleased with her work and feel that her fees are very reasonable. I would recommend her services to you.

- Tom Cassin

My clients often ask me for the name of a franchise attorney to review their agreements. Without hesitation I refer Nancy Lanard. I feel confident that Nancy will guide my clients in the direction that is in their best interest in a timely fashion.

Nancy is efficient, prompt and very knowledgeable about franchise law and does an excellent job educating my clients through the final phase of their exciting journey toward business ownership.

- Karol Mercurio, Franchise Consultant

Hi Nancy

Just a quick note to thank you for all your help on the sale of my business. It was very reassuring to have someone like you who is knowledgeable and alert working with me side by side during the closing process. I will be quick to recommend you to others if the opportunity arises.

- Keith G

Hi Nancy and Yvonne-
I wanted to thank you both again for having Lanard and Associates represent my first undertaking with a commercial lease. From the first conversation with Nancy to getting after hour calls from Yvonne, I was in great hands.  Yvonne is a rock star attorney!! She represented my interests in my lease negotiations by always asking me what I wanted not what I had to agree to or telling what is norm in a commercial lease. Even if what I wanted was not what would happen, the rectitude to always ask me my thoughts about certain points separates Yvonne from being just a lawyer or representative. She became a partner in my venture. She was delicate in advising when I needed and resilient to push opposing counsel when the situation called for it.
Yvonne is the epitome of professionalism. She is responsive, attentive, detailed and patient. (My 95+ page lease had no chance against her.)
Thank you again for going above and beyond my expectations in this process. It was an experience I would only go through again with Yvonne and Nancy Lanard in my corner.


It’s no surprise or coincidence to me that I am now able to put the legal issues 100% behind me. Thanks to your personal dedication, experience, and expertise. I had been able to largely continue living my normal life despite how upsetting and distracting all of this has been for me over the past six months. I am certain that this is because of the confidence that you and your team had given me. I really value honesty, effort, experience, and timeliness which are all qualities I have had the pleasure of experiencing while working with you and your team of the last half year. The quick response time to my questions (no matter how insignificant), the honest assessment, answers and feedback, and creative solutions that allowed us to prevail really kept me at ease throughout the entire process.

Of course it is important that we were able to “prevail”, but more important the knowledge of the last six months that the situation was out of my control as strange as that may be. As in I did not have to doubt at any point that you knew the best course of action and would give the case and myself the amount of attention needed…whether coordinating it in another state or whatever would be needed. I am certainly not a perfect business owner and do make mistakes. But that confidence is something invaluable. It helped me to continue with my normal life as best as I could. Whether this entire situation worked in my favor or not was not nearly as important as knowing that you and your team did the best that you could. And fortunately it worked just as it should have.

Had I been working with another attorney I may still be dealing with this situation…and likely with a lot more negative mental energy expended, legal costs, and money given to undeserving buyers.

I am pretty certain of that after working with a few attorneys before working with you, who had come from referrals and overall left me with little confidence in attorneys in general. That is when I finally chose to search for a competent and skilled attorney I could trust to work with. I called about thirty attorneys and emailed even more as a way to find someone that would meet the qualities I was looking for.

In just a few minutes of speaking with you I was sold because of your honesty in what I can expect from working with you, your personal attention, and most importantly your experience and skill. Over the past many months you have gone above and beyond to support me in the […] issues and potential sale of my other business which I have just entered into due diligence on. I really continue to appreciate your quick answer my phone calls and emails while addressing my questions specifically with honest and realistic answers. If you don’t know the answer yourself, you’re humble enough to say so and bring in an expert on a specific matter. You have aligned yourself with some talented people and that makes all the difference. The clever solution and follow-through (and again speed) really are appreciated.

I will never be able to express how privileged I feel to have you and your team in my corner. You and your team really did make a huge difference in my life and I really want you to know how thankful I am for your continued support.

- Jason B.

Nancy is the best Franchise Attorney in the business. I recommend her to anyone that wants to Franchise their business.

She walks you through every step of the legal process. She is the GOLD standard in her profession.

- Donnie

I will gladly refer your firm to others and use your firm for any future legal services I may need.

Sara has done a wonderful job and I have really enjoyed working with her.

Warm Regards,

- Teresa S.

Hi, Nancy,

Thank you very much.

It was great for me too. Sara worked very hard on negotiating best terms for me. I can recommend your services to anyone.

Kind regards,

- Elena S.

Sara has been great to work with. I really appreciate all her hard work, especially early on in the process.

Her expertise and insight have been invaluable.

I would certainly recommend her services.

- Rich F.

I just got off the phone with Sara Korol, and I want to thank you for sending me to her.

I found her to be a first-rate lawyer and a first-rate listener.

She heard what I had to say about various issues in the franchise agreement. She fought on my behalf for some changes and got most of them.

I am very pleased with the results, and I intend to move forward with the franchise.

- Ben Y.

Nancy, Your work is outstanding!!! Angela and I really appreciate your communication skills, sense of urgency and efficiency.

We will absolutely refer you to anyone looking for legal services.

Also, the buyer plans to reach out to you next time as they were very impressed.


- Keith

I just wanted to let you all know that I would highly recommend Nancy Lanard for any legal services regarding lease and letter of intent negotiations for a [...] franchise. I would particularly recommend her to [those of] us new to the franchise world, yet [who] want to find retail space among the big franchises.... Until she stepped in, I was depending on the direction from my real estate broker. If I had continued this route I am guessing I would still be in negotiations or I would have signed a lease that significantly favored the landlord. Once Nancy got involved, she righted my neophyte mistakes and expedited a deal that I feel is very fair and balanced to all parties. Now I have a spot for my franchise where I can look out at the big boys and feel very good about it. Thanks for referencing her in our training manual. She did a great job.

- Mark Coffield, KnowledgePoints franchisee

It is a pleasure working with Sara, she has been extremely helpful, patient and kind in guiding me through the legal aspects of our new business. I look forward to a continued relationship with Sara and your firm.

- Amanda S.

Hi Nancy, Thank you again for all of your assistance.

It has been a pleasure working with you, and I have more confidence moving forward with the consulting business knowing you are available to help. I will definitely recommend you to any of my colleagues who might also need advice and assistance.

My fingers are crossed for Company XYZ; I'll let you know their comments as soon as they send them.

- Theresa W.

Thanks to you guys, I just signed the lease. I appreciate all the help you guys have provided me with. Sara was so wonderful explaining details about the lease. She was patient, professional, nice and at the same time friendly.

- K.C.

I think your work has been outstanding on this revision. I can't tell you how pleased I am with your work or thank you enough.

As I told you before I have had nothing but negative experiences with attorneys in the past and feel fortunate to have found you to help with this deal.

- Jason B.

Nancy - Thank you for all your assistance throughout the process.  As stated previously, I can't imagine someone going through buying into a Franchise or negotiating a Commercial Lease without an Attorney... and I can say that with even more conviction having gone through both with one!  We really appreciate the ground cover you provided and it gives me great satisfaction knowing we are going into business having protected ourselves and better positioned for future changes (e.g., sale of the business, conflict resolution, etc.), at least from a legal standpoint.  I absolutely have, and will continue to, refer others to Lanard and Associates.

Looking forward to working with you in the not too distant future.  For now, I am happy to switch gears and focus more on the operational activities in the upcoming period... I will let you know when the opening will be and how the business is progressing.  Thanks again, please keep in touch!!

- Frank G

Your understanding of franchise law from both the franchisee and franchisor perspective gave us the comfort level we needed throughout the process. You were there for us every step of the way.

-Wendy B.

“You guys, especially Sara, did a fantastic job for us and kept us informed about everything throughout the whole [lease] process! Sara got all bumps in the road smoothed out and made the whole experience much easier than some of the other stories I've heard while going through this process! You guys are wonderful and look forward to working with you again on my next […] store!”

-Chris F

“I want to let you know how impressed I am with Julie. She is not only extremely intelligent, organized and thoughtful, but also very genuine. Her ability to build a relationship with her clients is a rare talent and I look forward to working with her for years to come. She is an asset to your organization. I will be writing reviews about her stellar performance upon completion of our current work. I wanted to mention once again how much I appreciate you [Julie] and the work you do. You truly are intelligent and such a genuine soul.”

-Danielle V A

Nancy, I just had to thank you for everything you've done for me in the past few weeks. You are an efficient, thorough, and extremely professional attorney who actually understands and cares about deadlines.

I'd have to say that what impressed me the most was your availability for me both Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning for last minute revisions before the big meeting! I've already given your name to a few people and plan to keep doing so.

- Sue Adler, Keller Williams Realty

Thank you very much for your help with the lease. It was my first commercial lease ever and I am glad it is finally done. You have no idea! It was a grueling process for me and without your help, I would have thrown in the towel. The sentences are so long that when I get mid-sentence, I forget what the first part of the sentence was about.

I greatly appreciate your patience, your guidance and your professionalism. I would definitely send you referrals.

- Ling H.

Thanks Yvonne! Your and Nancy's wonderful support and legal services were / are much appreciated throughput the entire process. This could not have happened without you and Nancy.

We look forward to working with you and Nancy in the near future! Also, we hope both of you will be able to attend our family & friends day and grand opening for our first store in the near future. We made a great partnership.

- Wayne & Karen D.

Rebecca Ross is the Lanard attorney that represents my interest on this very important business endeavor [the lease for my franchise].

[Her email on adding language in the lease to protect me relating to the Coronavirus] is proactive and most of all, a client centric action that I’ve rarely seen from any legal representation.

I’m so proud and thankful that our [franchise system] chooses to do business with such professional and thoughtful people.

Great job Rebecca and Nancy.


Best regards,

Rick H

We both want to thank you for the tremendous results you achieved for us. We can't tell you how much we appreciated how fast and thorough you were, especially while on your vacation!

We just want you to know how happy we are with the service you provided for us.

Many, many thanks!

- Diane & Jim

It is a pleasure to work with you and I am thankful to have you for counsel. Your service is impeccable and I look forward to continuing to work with you.

S. Ramsey Walker, Jr.
Developer Downingtown, PA

Sara and Nancy,

I just wanted to let you know how happy I am with the services that your firm provided during the purchase of the Elements in White Plains.  You were responsive, efficient and most of all, professional.  I truly enjoyed working with you and the whole experience was made much more manageable due to your service.  I will think of you in any future endeavors that call for representation.

Thanks for everything!

- ED

While I only interviewed by phone three other franchise attorneys before engaging your firm, what were differentiation points for me were:

Your generous allocation of time with me on a conference call prior to being hired, the level of your professionalism and obvious depth and breadth of your knowledge of the franchise industry. Also, I felt confident that you would have my best interests at heart.

After hiring your firm and working with Yvonne:

Not only is Yvonne extremely knowledgeable in all legal aspects of franchising but she went out of her way to advise me on the nuances of negotiating more favorable terms. Yvonne was fully engaged with me in the process and her very timely responsiveness to any questions (of which there were many) was nothing short of amazing. Her demeanor is polished and professional. Both you and Yvonne made the legal side of the franchise transaction seamless. I feel completely confident in your abilities and would not hesitate to recommend her/ your firm to anyone in need of legal counsel.

Also, I have never seen a franchise attorney create and distribute such an interesting and well written newsletter addressing topics of significance to potential buyers of franchises.

Best Regards,
Judy T.

Thanks Nancy. If our plans work out as planned you’ll be hearing from us in the future. We are thrilled with the services we received from Vanessa and you.

- Josh

I was looking to open my first gym franchise and needed an attorney to help with the contract review and forming our LLC.  I could not have been happier with Nancy and Erin.  They were thorough and explained things clearly to me every step of the way.  They provided great insight and clearly had the expertise needed.  I felt very comfortable and always believed they were looking out for my best interests, which really put my mind at ease.  As a first time franchisee, I would highly recommend this group.

- Matt H

Nancy runs a very professional and friendly law firm. They are deep experts in the franchise arena, with decades of experience. Erin Gray, my lead attorney, was lightening fast in getting on my calendar, and we quickly walked through all the documentation I needed reviewed. She was thorough, friendly, and very capable of breaking down "legal terms" into concepts that made sense to me. The changes/edits were sent out within 24 hours every step of the way. We were done in less than a week!

Erin and Nancy are worth your time and money, and will be an asset to any franchise candidate.

- Phil T


We want to thank you for the professional service and help we received from you and your firm as we negotiated the lease on our PSP store. We would have been lost without your guidance. Yvonne was extremely knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with. We appreciate […] that she was accommodating to our crazy schedules. Again, thank you for your services.

Best regards,

Marla & Patrick D

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