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Definitions of Franchise Terms

What are the definitions of franchise terms that you should know before investing in a franchise?  Here are the definitions of the franchise terms that we believe are essential to know before you move forward in the franchise world. DEFINITIONS OF KEY FRANCHISE TERMS: FRANCHISOR The franchisor is the company that will be licensing their…

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Florida Small Business Parity Act

Florida Senate had recently passed SB 1076 known as the Florida Small Business Parity Act.  The Florida Small Business Parity Act is an attempt by the Florida legislature to ensure that Franchisees owning a Franchise are on a more even playing field with their Franchisor. The proposed Florida Small Business Parity Act would protect Franchisees…

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Before you invest in a franchise opportunity, it is important to take the following four steps to validate the franchise opportunity: CALL FRANCHISEES THAT ARE IN THE SYSTEM This is an important initial step in validating a franchise opportunity.  The franchisees that are in the system already (and any that have left the system) are the…

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What Is The Difference Between The Franchise Disclosure Document And The Franchise Agreement

What is the difference between the Franchise Disclosure Document and the Franchise Agreement?  The Franchise Disclosure Document is a large document comprised of several federally mandated components, which include the Franchise Agreement.  The Franchise Disclosure Document is required to have twenty-three disclosure items, all contracts that the franchisee will be required to sign, financial statements…

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