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Personal Guaranty Issues in a Retail Lease

Read the fine print of a lease carefully

What are the issues of signing a personal guaranty in a retail lease? Personal guarantees allow a landlord of a retail lease to have individuals guaranty the financial obligations of the tenant in the lease. It is another means that a retail landlord has of ensuring payments from the tenant. What should the guarantors be concerned about when signing a personal guaranty?

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Definitions of Franchise Terms

What are the definitions of franchise terms that you should know before investing in a franchise?  Here are the definitions of the franchise terms that we believe are essential to know before you move forward in the franchise world. DEFINITIONS OF KEY FRANCHISE TERMS: FRANCHISOR The franchisor is the company that will be licensing their…

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Characteristics of a Bad Franchise

franchise law

Five Characteristics of a Bad Franchise I am often asked how someone would know if a franchise is a good one.  There are some clear signs and characteristics of a bad franchise that can be helpful.  Here are five examples of characteristics of a bad franchise that a prospective franchisee should consider. 1. NO SUPPORT…

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Buying An Existing Franchise – A Two Step Process

What Are The Two Steps To Buying An Existing Franchise Business? When you are buying an existing franchise business it is a two step process. A person must evaluate both the franchise investment opportunity (the franchisor/franchisee relationship) and the existing business opportunity (the seller/buyer transaction). This involves two very different steps that need to be…

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Florida Small Business Parity Act

Florida Senate had recently passed SB 1076 known as the Florida Small Business Parity Act.  The Florida Small Business Parity Act is an attempt by the Florida legislature to ensure that Franchisees owning a Franchise are on a more even playing field with their Franchisor. The proposed Florida Small Business Parity Act would protect Franchisees…

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What Is A Franchise Earnings Claim?

DEFINITION OF A FRANCHISE EARNINGS CLAIM What is a franchise earnings claim? As a prospective franchisee, you want to know how much money  you can expect to generate from the franchise business in which you are investing.  A franchise earnings claim is any information provided to a prospective franchisee that allows that individual to predict…

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Which States Are Franchise Registration States?

If you are a new franchisor, you must be aware of not only the federal franchise law that requires disclosure of certain information to a prospective investor in a franchise, but you must also be aware of state franchise laws.  You must know which when you are required to register a Franchise Disclosure Document with…

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